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Average time for the entire process is 15 to 25 days

Why do business owners around the world want to have a business in the United States?

Why do business owners around the world want to have a business in the United States?

Lower tax burdens. The tax is through the profit generated by the company.

Because it is a world economic power.

Documents required to open your business in the United States
  • Personal Identification Document.
  • Passport.
  • Proof of residence.
Solutions for the start

Of the process

  • We check the availability of the company name in the embedded state.
  • Virtual address for the opening process.
  • Accounting advice.
  • Document checking and follow-up until the end of the process.
Understand each step

Of the business start-up process

Submission of Documents

Personal identification, passport and proof of residence.

Personal identification, passport and proof of residence.

40 minutes with an accounting professional to answer questions and get guidance.

Registration in the state in which you want to operate

We suggest the state of Florida for its ease of operation and very low costs.

Sending your documents to body responsible

We will review and send the documents to the United States regulatory departments. After that, just wait between 15 and 25 days until the end of the process.

Now you have an American company and can enjoy all the benefits, even if you are not here.

Virtual Office

Your virtual office

A Virtual Office allows small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from all the advantages of a prestigious address, without committing to a physical office space. It’s the ideal solution to host your company in the United States. Facilities for your company to work remotely at home office and have an address for correspondence and much more.

Place to receive correspondence

Physical address to be used as an office

Receiving small envelopes

Unlocking bank cards

There are two types of companies

That you can open in the United States



What is


LLC means Limited Liability Company. This company format combines some advantages of corporate structure with elements of tax partnership. When opening a company in the United States in the form of LLC you partially protect your individual from potential financial problems and lawsuits that your legal entity may have.

What are the main benefits of LLC?

Management flexibility

When you open an LLC in the United States, you have flexibility in your management. In Corporations, for example, there is a structure of directors that makes most of the decisions, while the other employees are responsible for the day-to-day work. LLC is more versatile in this regard.

Avoids double taxation

With an LLC you don't have to go through double taxation. The company will not collect income tax and must distribute 100% to the members, who in turn will pay the income tax.

Possibility to open a company without leaving Brazil

Like the Corporation, it's possible to open an LLC even if you are not a permanent resident of the United States. For this, you only need a business address (a virtual office or your accountant's address).

Partial separation of responsibility

In some American states, such as Florida, an LLC can be set up with just one individual. In this way, it separates the responsibility of a company from that member.

What is

Before explaining what C CORP is, it is worth remembering that there is a specific company model called S CORP. This second is available only to companies with all American shareholders. C CORP, or Corporation C, can be formed by foreigners, without any problems. This company model has a more hierarchical structure, with shareholders, directors and board members. To work, this model requires Articles of Incorporation.

This is a more “traditional” model of the company, which follows certain rules such as the adoption of bylaws, frequent meetings between shareholders, presentation of annual reports and issuance of shares. In addition, it has state and federal taxes.

What are the main benefits of C CORP?

Unrestricted property.

As they have unrestricted ownership, in general C CORP are the best choice for companies that want to be traded on the stock exchange.

Individuals do not need to declare tax.

Unlike LLC, C CORP partners do not have to file a tax return in the United States. This activity is only necessary when there is a profit distribution for the shareholders. Because of this detail, many foreigners end up opting for a Corporation when opening a company in the United States.

Credits on behalf of the company.

Another point that makes many foreigners choose C CORP is the fact that it allows the construction of credit on behalf of the company. At LLC, on the other hand, credit is built through partners, which is more difficult for those who do not reside in the USA.

Access to shares.

With the Corporation, you also have access to several classes of shares.

What is the difference between

Before opening a company in the United States, you need to make a series of important decisions that will dictate the future of your venture. One of those choices that must be made is to decide between opening an LLC or CORP. These models are similar to the companies LTDA and S/A in Brazil, respectively.

Both entities intend to separate the individual from the legal entity, thus partially protecting individuals from certain personal responsibilities. Each of them has different forms of administration and even taxation. Before deciding on the best category for opening your company in the USA, check out the difference between LLC and Corporation.


Asked questions

- Yes, you only need a business address, where you want to have the company. If you have no address here, you can have a Virtual Office, which will provide you with an address to register and receive your correspondence, all online.

  • Some reasons to export and invest in the USA:
  1. The largest consumer market in the world;
  2. Strong and stable economy;
  3. Low regulatory bureaucracy;
  4. Low import rates;
  5. Extremely open country for imported products;
  6. Low interest rates;
  7. Large credit offer;
  8. Showcase for other world markets;


In addition, is the largest consumer market in the world and to sell in America and Europe you have to be here, have a physical address and thus offer legal security for your customers.

- No visa or residency is required, only passport, identity card or CNH and proof of residence.

- The time varies according to each state, but in general it will take between 20 and 30 days for the whole process.

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