More sales and customers through the biggest internet marketplaces

We have a team specialized in online sales in the American market.

If you are Brazilian and

wants to have a profitable business in the United States

So you need to develop the 4 essential pillars for your business to be successful on the internet. That is why Smart Solution has a qualified team to make your business sell much more in the digital market.

Brand appearance

Our team of Designers works to make your business look like a great brand. Everything is done strategically so that your company has a strong and unforgettable digital presence.

Social networks

Much more than posts, texts and likes. Our department manages your social networks, developing strategic content, generating value, breaking objections and connecting deeply with your ideal audience, contributing to more customers in your business.

Virtual showcase

Having a website is no longer an option! If you really want to have an online sales strategy that makes your business sell a lot, you need an online page. We have a department specialized in making websites that fits perfectly with your product/service, structured with copywriter techniques, making sure that your customer does not leave before clicking on the purchase button, without counting everything working 100%.

Sales funnel

Finding the ideal customer for your product/service and making the right offer, your business just has to grow on the internet. We work with the Paid Traffic department with a 100% focus on finding the right customer and making you sell more through Facebook Ads.

What our Marketing sector

does for your company:

Our Marketing department specializes in online sales in the American market. Working in partnership with us your company has:

More sales

We work with validated strategies to make your business sell much more over the internet and win new customers.

Striking digital positioning

The company that has a lot of profitability and consistency on the internet, is a company that has a strong positioning. We develop all Branding for your brand to become a reference in the market.


Our focus is to make life easier for entrepreneurs who trust our work. We do all the Marketing of your company so that you don’t have extra job, very high financial costs and still need to hire several professionals for each sector and end up wasting energy in managing all this team and processes.


We are not lazy to work. Our entire team is available to assist, answer questions and guide your business in the best possible way.


asked questions

- Yes. These 4 pillars, as described above, are essential for every business to succeed in the digital world. Each sector is aligned, from Social Media to Paid Traffic Management work hand in hand to make sales happen.

- To sell to the American public it's necessary to adjust the communication so that the public understands, having said that, we have developed a new Website and new Social Networks that meet the demand of the American market.

- Yes. We have years of experience in the American market and we know the most effective way to sell a Brazilian product/brand on the most diverse platforms.

- All communication between the Marketing sector and your company is done through a specific group on Whatsapp, where everything is aligned daily.

- We do a thorough study of the segment where your product will be marketed. Based on this information, we have developed the most effective strategies to make your business work in the United States.

Take your company to a new level!

Opening your company in the United States, generating dollar revenues and globalizing your product has never been safer.

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